Complete Beinners ICT


Starting with a Keyboard

Keyboard Basics

More about the Keyboard

Starting with a Mouse

Mouse Basics

Using a Mouse: the “Click Factor”

Using the Mouse:Scrolling

Try your new Skills

More Practice: computer Basics

Using a Computer

Parts of a Computer or Laptop

Turning Computers on and off

Changing Settings

Using Programs and Managing Files

Compute Safety

Using a Computer: Quiz

Internet Basics

About the internet

Getting around Online

Playing by the Rules

Internet Basics: Quiz

Completing online forms

What is an Online Form

Filling in your Details

Multiple Choices

Helping Barbra

Understanding Public Services

The Benefits of Online Services

Searching GOV.UK

Online Transactions

Using Local Government Websites

Understanding Public Services Online: Quiz

Making Money Work

Setting a budget



Planning for Later Life

Protecting your Family

Make Money Work: Quiz

Shopping Online


Shopping Online

Online Payment methods

Consumer Rights

Shopping Online: Quiz

Facebook and Socialising Online

Getting Started with Facebook

Connecting with Friends

Privacy Settings

Sharing Photos and Videos

Groups and Pages

Online Banking

Getting Started

Managing your Money

Making a Payment

Staying Safe

Online Banking: Quiz

Staying Safe Online

The Basics

Protecting your identity Online

Buying Online

Staying Safe Online: Quiz