Adobe is an on-line simulation exam (keyboard shortcuts may not be used).  You will need your Certiport login details to take the exam.


Under Exam Selection choose one of the following:


> Web communication using Adobe Dreamweaver

> Rich Media communication using Adobe Flash

> Visual communication using Adobe Photoshop


Then follow the on-screen instructions.

Pre-Exam Screens

You will have four screens to read through that explain the format of the exam, the function of various buttons, general information and guidance.


The Buttons

Submit Answer:  Once you are happy with your answer, you MUST press this in order to register your answer to be marked.  You will then be prompted to click next question.


Next Question: Press this to move on to the next question. If you have answered the current question, please ensure you press Submit Answer FIRST.


Reset Question: If you start to answer and make a mistake, you can press this button.  It will cancel your answer for this question only and let you start the question again.  You will NOT lose marks for using this function, although it will use up some of your time.


Timer: This counts down how much time you have left.  The transition time between questions is not taken from the overall exam time.

Counter: This shows you how many questions you have completed against how many you have left to answer.  Please note it does not show you how many you have marked for review (skipped) so you will need to make note of how many you need to go back to.


Mark For Review: This is a tick box underneath the Submit Answer button.  It acts like a skip button by letting you come back to these questions at the end of the exam.  Once you tick the box, press Next Question.  An Alert box will appear informing you that you have not answered the question, ignore this and press OK.

The Exam


The questions are a mixture of task questions and multiple-choice questions.

Task Questions: A simulation of the Adobe software will appear on the screen. There may be more than one task, so make sure you check if there is a scroll bar next to the question for you to scroll down and read further tasks.  Some questions will state Leave all windows open and some will state Close all windows. Make sure you read the instructions carefully for each individual task.


Multiple-Choice Questions: These questions are set out slightly differently.  The desk-top screen will disappear and the question will be placed along the top of the screen, with your choice of answers listed underneath.  When you have decided on your answer, click on it and it will turn blue.  Then press submit answer.

To Answer Skipped Questions

At the end of the exam when every question has been viewed, a table will appear on the screen listing all questions.  Each question will be marked as to whether it has been answered, is incomplete, was not answered, or was marked for review (skipped). 

Skipped questions will have a red symbol next to them so that they are easy to identify.  You can scroll down the table to find all skipped questions.  To answer skipped questions, click on Return to question. Answer the question and click submit answer as usual.  You will then be prompted to click next question. Do not press this as you will go through the whole exam again. Click on MENU to go back to the table and repeat the process of answering all skipped questions.


Please note that whilst scrolling through the menu and finding skipped questions the timer is still running, so ensure you do not run out of time.


When you have answered all skipped questions go back into the MENU screen. All questions will have a green/answered symbol next to them. Press click here to exit the exam to register your final score.

After The Exam Has Finished

Follow the on-screen instructions to print score report.  This will show you a screen-shot of your report.  Click on the printer symbol and print a copy for your records.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Done.  This will then take you to your profile page on the Certiport website.  Click logoff in the top right hand corner and then click yes.


Your exam has now been completed.