Here are 10 Top Tips to Save You Money Online:

1. Free online budget planner

Do a budget properly and you'll instantly discover if you spend more than you earn. You can then prioritise your spending to fix it. Most budgets focus on a typical month, forgetting daily coffees, weekly shops, annual holidays etc. Our automated budget planner misses nothing, and uses graphics, pie charts & more to dig into your spend.

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2. Five minute benefit check-up

Is your family income under £66,350? If so, you may be entitled to benefits and tax-credits. Many are simply unaware of their eligibility, including a million-plus low income pensioners who sadly fail to collect their pension credit. Yet it's easy to do a five minute benefit check-up, using a special web-calculator.

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3. Compare & switch energy suppliers

Many people on standard tariffs can currently save over £250 a year by switching to the cheapest online deals. Remember, it's no big deal; only price and customer service change - you get the same gas, electricity, pipes, meter and safety. The easiest way to find who's cheapest is use a comparison site, where you tell it where you live and as much information as possible about your energy bills, and it tells you who's cheapest. If you don't know bills, it'll estimate. Plus you can get up to £30 cashback or even a crate of wine for doing it!

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4. Council Tax

Many people are in the wrong council tax band. It only takes ten minutes to do an online check – you could slash what you pay now and get a backdated payment to when the system started in 1993.

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5. Cut existing credit card debts

Do you have credit or store card debts? Shifting them to a new ‘balance transfer’ card can save you £100s or £1,000s. This is where one credit card repays debts on other credit or store cards, so you now owe it the money instead, hopefully at a special cheap rate.’s daily updated step-by-step guide compares the best-buy 0% and long term offers, takes you through choosing a deal and shows how to avoid nasty tricks.

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6. Cut car insurance costs

You can slash car insurance costs by using comparison site results to massively increase the number of quotes. Don’t think "it's not time to renew yet"; provided you haven't claimed, most policies can be cancelled with a refund. A few do charge penalties, but you’re still likely to save.

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7. Grab discount vouchers & codes

Whether it's online or high street shops, you can get loads of hidden vouchers and discount codes to get money off. Plus if you’re planning to eat out or grab a takeaway, MoneySavingExpert lists all online and newspaper vouchers – many of which can halve the cost. There's everything from Pizza Express and Dominos to La Tasca and Yo Sushi.

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8. Reclaim forgotten cash

Billions of pounds of unclaimed financial assets in the UK lie in old bank accounts, pensions, life assurance and investments, yet most are easy to reclaim. So whether the account's your own or an inheritance from a deceased relative or family member, it's worth spending ten minutes as you could have a treasure chest of £1,000s or more. The British Bankers Association, the Building Societies Association and National Savings and Investments (NS&I) have launched a site to help find lost accounts. Just log on and enter details of the account you are looking for.

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9. Mobile phones

Anyone on a contract mobile phone is holstering a serious MoneySaving weapon…. loyalty. Unleash it with a phone call, which could instantly save you £100's! It's all about an easy haggling technique to add minutes and texts, cut your line rental and upgrade your phone.

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10. Top savings accounts

There’s a white heat of competition in the marketplace! Push the right buttons to stamp down the costs of saving.

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