Terms and Conditions

Our Standard Office Hours are 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday

Purchasing Services or Products from S&G.

We will respond to all emails sent to @sandg.co.uk within 1 hour of receiving your email.  If for any reason you do not recieve an acknoglegement email from us within this time frame, then we did not receive your email or it could have been blocked by our spam filters.   In this case please call our offices on 020 7831 4546 to verify if there is a problem with our email service.

UK Domain name purchases

If you wish to purchase or renew your domain name with us, please see nominets terms of business before you make your request, http://www.nominet.org.uk/go/terms, We will ask you to confirm you have read and understood these terms before proceding with any purchases or renewals.

Our charges for the domain-name related services we provide are as follows;

Purchase of a UK domain name and website hosting, parking or forwarding is £50+VAT  per two year contract

We will notify you by email and post, 60 days and 30 days before the expiry date to confirm if you would like to renew your domain name.  If you wish to renew your domain name, hosting, parking or forwarding package a fee of £50+VAT  for another two year contract will be payable.

If you wish to transfer your domain name to another registrar then a £25+VAT administration fee will be payable.

If you wish to terminating your contract with us, please email us CSD@sandg.co.uk and a termination process will be put in place.  We require 30 days notice of terminating your contract and a confirmation letter will be sent to you via the post.

An email will be send to your registered email address to remind you to renew your domain name 60 days before expiry and 30 days before expiry.  If you do not renew your domain before its expiry date, will have up to 30 days (protected period) to renew the domain name at the original renewal fee.  After 30 days your domain will be suspended which means all services will stop and will go into a 60 day grace period which you can still renew your domain name at no extra cost.  If the domain name is not renewed, it will be cancelled and deleted from the register after 90 days and made available for resale through. Please ensure you make a note of these terms and your renewal dates to ensure that you do not permanently loose your domain name.

Contract termination. If you no longer wish to carry on with your contract with S&G, please email CSD@sandg.co.uk no less than 30 days before your services are due to be renewed. Your account will only be deemed as terminated once all outstanding balances have been paid in full. Domains will only be considered for transfer once all balances have been settled, S&G will not charge you for transferring a domain(s) away to another registrar’s tag. The customer acknowledges that, termination of the agreement for any reason will result in  S&G ceasing to provide the applicable services, with the consequences that flow from such cessation, including (but not limited to), deletion of data .e.g. hosting account(s) and mail boxes.

S&G do not use any resellers, nor do we have any connections with other Nominet members or registrars, nor do we pass on any data to any 3rd parties without your knowledge or agreement.  With your consent on registering domain names we pass on your details to Nominet as part of their registration process.

Complaints and Appeals procedure

We are committed to ensuring our customers receive a high standard of service. We also appreciate that, sometimes issues arise that need to be addressed. Your comments are important to us. We rely on feedback from our customers to identify the root causes of complaints. This allows us to put things right for you and ensure improvements are made to our services. We aim to do this quickly and efficiently.

Stage 1: Contacting us

If you have a complaint about any aspect of our service, then we would like to hear from you. Many outstanding issues can be resolved informally by discussing the issue with a member of S&G staff. We will aim to resolve any outstanding issues and reach an amicable resolution as quickly as possible.

Stage 2: Escalating your issue

If the person helping you is not able to assist please ask to speak to a manager. If a manager is available they will be happy to talk to you to discuss your case. Our aim is to respond to all escalated complaints within 1 working day.

Raising an Appeal

If after discussing any concerns you are dissatisfied with the response provided, or the way your issue has been dealt with, you can lodge an appeal by writing to the  address below, detailing your details and the outstanding complaint.

Customer Services Department

S&G Group

Head Office

1 Quality Court

Chancery Lane

London WC2 1HR

You can also email:


Your complaint will be acknowledged in writing within three working days of receiving the complaint. An investigation will be carried out into the issues raised and a full response will be provided within ten working days.

Where the issue is particularly complex it may take longer to respond. If this is likely, we will provide information on the action which will be taken and advise when you can expect a full response.

Abuse Emails

If you wish to raise a complaint about abuse emails that you have received (phishing scams, spam emails etc), please contact us at  C S D @ sandg.co.uk  with as much detail about the abuse. We will investigate your complaint immediately.