Microsoft Excel Courses

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Excel is a powerful Microsoft spreadsheet application. In simple terms, it is like a massive calculator. Working with spreadsheets, you can display and analyse everything from simple numbers to complex financial data.

Add sparkle to presenting financial reports, convert static lists of numbers into impressive charts, and discover how to analyse data, create databases, use formulae, format cells and print your finished work. You can even organise your personal finances!

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel Introduction One Day Training Course

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This course is designed to provide an introduction and overview of the basic features of Excel.  Upon completion of this course you will have an understanding of creating spreadsheets, basic calculations, handling simple lists of data, charts, pivot tables and be able to print out formatted sections of the spreadsheet.

Microsoft Excel Intermediate One Day Training Course

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This course presumes you have some experience of using Excel or have attended the S&G Excel Introductory level course.  It is intended to advance your skills and confidence with the package.  Upon completion you will have an understanding of advanced formatting, search data using criteria based searches, analyse and summarise data and customise charts.

Microsoft Excel Advanced One Day Training Course

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This training course aims to give experienced users of Excel Advanced knowledge of the more advanced functions and how to apply them in solving your own business problems.  The course will provide you with an opportunity to explore templates, pivot tables, advanced charts, scenario manager and analysis tools.

Microsoft Excel Upgrade One Day Training Course

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An upgraded version of Excel with some even newer features and slightly new look.  You can now do far more with Excel and do it far faster than ever before. If you are looking to upgrade your skills to the very latest version this is the course for you.

Microsoft Excel VBA - Two Day Training Course

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This course is for the power user to get up and running with the programming language.  Creating macros without the recorder; understanding the code; stepping through and debugging; error handling and much more.