Microsoft Outlook Courses

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Microsoft Outlook is an e-mail client and personal information manager, handling contacts, tasks, notes and diary entries.  Although it works well as a standalone package, it is also the client for Microsoft Exchange Server.

The best thing about Outlook is the integration features. For example, from a contact entry you have options for sending e-mails, creating appointments and setting up tasks. This type of integration makes it much easier and more efficient to manage your data.

Outlook is also very flexible when it comes to e-mail accounts. You can set up multiple accounts, connecting to POP3, IMAP, Exchange Server or Microsoft’s Hotmail services.  Another important feature is the Organize wizard, which makes it easy to create rules to manage your mail into different folders and using other techniques to streamline your Inbox and prioritise your workload.  

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Introduction One Day Course

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Outlook and Exchange include comprehensive group scheduling and meeting planner, shared calendars, contact and task lists.  On completion of this course, you will be able to set-up meetings, organise emails, establish contacts and tasks and use the journal.

Microsoft Outlook Beyond the Basics One Day Course

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Many people think of Outlook as simply a mail and contact management system.  However, with the introduction of Outlook it is now possible to do much more than that. This course is aimed at experienced users of Outlook who wish to explore the advanced features of this product.  During the day you will be shown how to customise the views of Outlook Folders, how to add your own integration, collaboration and much more.

Microsoft Outlook Upgrade One Day Training Course

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Outlook contains many new features, both as a standalone email client and as a client for Exchange Server.  This course will go through all the new features and ribbons giving you a full overview of this latest product.